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Different kinds of human hair

Human hair is available all over the world, among which Asian hair is one of the main sources. Different textures of hair can be processed to create the various popular looks.

Indian Hair: Indian hair originates from the temples of India. Some Indian hair comes from Hindu temples where men and women cut their hair in hopes of receiving blessings in life. The temple sells the hair and much of this money is used to fund schools and roads.It is the most readily available hair on the market- and therefore often the cheapest. Indian hair is thick, but thinner than Chinese hair. Indian hair is shinier than Chinese hair, and often is available in very long lengths.

Malaysian Hair: Malaysian hair originates from Malaysia. Malaysian hair comes from the Malaysian temples and is sold by some Malaysian women to make money for their families. Malaysian hair is a newer competitor on the hair market. And is a bit more expensive because it is more rare than Indian and Chinese hair. Malaysian hair is thinner and softer than Chinese and Mongolian hair and can very well be used for European hair or other fine hair types.

Chinese Hair: Chinese hair originates from China. A typical Chinese hair strand is straight, thick and coarse. It is often a great match for African-American hair. Chinese hair is often the preferred hair to use to create kinky curly or kinky relaxed textures because of its coarseness.

Mongolian Hair: Mongolian hair comes from Mongolia. Mongolian hair is very rare due to Mongolia only having a population of 2.6 million people. Poor Mongolian women sell their hair for profit. Mongolian hair is best described as in between Chinese and Malaysian hair. It is thinner and not coarse as Chinese hair, but not quite as soft as Malaysian hair.

European Hair: This hair is a native of Europe and primarily used by Caucasians. The hair has a light silky feel. It is in limited supply and much more expensive than Indian or Chinese remy

Brazilian Hair: The people of Brazil normally have thick and luscious hair that flows nicely when styled out, It gets various natural textures and colors.The hair is very close to the European hair which is silky and soft.