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Why our human hair is superior?

We offer a line of products absolutely authentic with natural untreated hair ( Neither colored, bleached nor permanent) , which represents lifelong wear and use without limits.
•Resilient cuticle strength
•Visibly Bold, Shiny, Healthy Hair
•Innovative Tangle-Free technology, reusable wash after wash
Carefully hand selected, flawless 100% remy hair is enhanced with our exclusive advanced cuticle reinforcing and coloring technology that fortify the resiliency, elasticity, and vibrancy of its natural cuticles but also getting the different colors without damaging the cuticles. This scientific procedure aids the natural cuticles to gain strength over harmful environmental factors that damage healthy hair and also avoid the damages from the chemical dyes.
Our cuticle remy hair allows you to experience the true benefits of healthy hair with simple hair care maintenance and extended longevity. With proper care, the cuticle remy hair proves its uniqueness with its remarkable re-usability wash after wash feature.
As our cuticle hair is in its original (healthy, silky) state and has not been processed by any chemical dyes.